Frequently Ask Questions FAQ

1. FAQ:
Q : After I purchase A beat how long does it take before I get it?
A : When you purchase from THESICKBEATS Your beat is securely and automatically e-mailed to you in whatever format you ordered immediately after your payment goes through (Applicable to Credit Card & Paypal payments only, e-check's may take additional time).
Q : Do purchases come tagged?
A : Any lease or exclusive purchase from THESICKBEATS comes 100% Untagged.
Q : If I buy Exclusive, will the beat be taken off the site?
A : If you purchase exclusive from THESICKBEATS the beat is automatically pulled from our system immediately after purchase, and will never be put up for sale, or sold privately.
Q : What are "Samples", do you use them at THESICKBEATS, and can I get in trouble for using them?
A : "Samples" or "Sampling" is common in production particularly in the Hip Hop / Rap genres, so yes we sometimes use "Samples", however, if a beat has a "Sample" in it, it is disclosed in the title of the beat. It is our customers responsibility to "Clear" any "Samples" used when distributing thier album(s). We will however, never sell a beat without disclosing the fact that it has Sampled material in it.
Q : How do I become a Producer on THESICKBEATS?
A : Fill out our contact form and include a link what you consider to be your 3 best beats, if we are feeling it, we will contact you directly.
Q : What payment methods can I use to purchase beats?
A : Any major credit card or Paypal
Q : How do I become a Rapper?
A : Buy beats from THESICKBEATS and Rap On Them
Q : What is Garfuckle? 
A : Simon & Garfunkle are The Devil
Q : I Like your beats, but I want something custom made that is not on the site, do you offer custom beats?
A : Absolutely, please fill out the contact form with your ideas & budget for a quote, please also include the name of the producer you want.